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Fay: a fairy game. Fay is an online fairy simulation game devoted to raising fairies. With eleven different species to choose from, there is a fairy for everyone.

The Green and Pink Fairies are the keepers of this enchanted realm. Successfully help the Green Fairy and you are rewarded with points to redeem for special items. The Pink Fairy enjoys giving away items for free, so keep an eye out for her.

As a guardian of a special fairy friend, you decide how to raise her, or him. Spell classes help improve your fairy’s stats. Gather the right ingredients and work through the spell books. Battle the Evil Fairy enough times and you will have a fighter skilled enough to take on any one.

Your fairy can even have its own special friend to keep it company. There are over twenty species of Spirit Guides each coming in a wide array of colors. If raised properly, these fun little creatures will improve the stats of your fairy.

If you enjoy collecting items, Questville is the place for you. Collect the special currencies and save up for these items that can’t be bought in any of the Fay stores. Remember to collect any Firefly Nets or Coins you find along the way.

With twenty-five games, you will never get bored. New games are added all the time. For a laugh, head over to Splat and throw rotten plums at poor old Charlie. Or maybe music is more your thing. I’m sure Jessie the Jester would love to hear your songs.

Join one of the four clans and compete against the other three in special challenges. If you and your new clan are successful, you can win a nice, shiny trophy.

Fay is a fun, exciting place for fairy lovers of all ages!
Written By Steph #105

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